Who are we? 

A complex mess of everything old and new. A line in the middle where the two worlds overlap, where they are both essentially the same, yet still different in many ways. A tightrope walk, where maintaining your balance is key; falling completely into one world is not desirable, nor possible,  but neither is walking the tightrope continuously. The occasional slip into one world, until something jolts you, like awakening from a nightmare, brutally reminded that you don’t truly belong here. Where do we belong? We, my team, belong in a world that we create on a daily basis. Which world will we slip into more easily today, where will he take us today; we don’t know. We follow, we gently guide, but essentially we are passengers on a journey with an unknown destination. Every step, and stumble, of this journey is filled with love. Love like I’ve never known before. 

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