What’s in a Birthday…

Some how, next week Emma turns 13 and Jack turns 7. Em’s birthday is all planned out, ready to go but you’d be forgiven for being confused about Jacks age, given that last year he was remaining 5. This year he is turning 6 (or remaining 6) so I’ll need to make sure my brain is switched on when I go card and balloon shopping! Change is such a difficult thing for him, it’s something that he has to be completely in control of, which can be very difficult for him and the people around him. I’m sure that someone will slip up and mention the fact that he will be 7, which will, at the very least, result in lots of upset and shouting. Someone will probably end up being called a moron (his word of choice that he’s picked up from heaven knows where) and someone will end up feeling like they’ve done the wrong thing. Birthdays (and Christmas) can be such a mine field when you have a child like Jack. The simplest things become mountains and the things we take for granted often end up slapping us in the face. There will be no party with friends again as he has no friends (unless you count his psychologist whom he adores), there will be no happy birthday sung again, no real excitement. But he doesn’t yearn for a big party with lots of friends and gifts, he doesn’t crave being the centre of attention, he’s the centre of attention everyday! These are things that we are told we should want on our Birthday, ways of celebrating that we should conform to and however much my heart might hurt sometimes, I’m proud to give Jack the Birthday that he wants and not care what anyone else thinks.

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