Weekly round up..

I thought it would be nice if each week I did a little round up of what we’ve been up to! Kind of like a little dairy.

This weeks been a little disjointed as Em went away for a few days with a friend. It’s always so odd when I’m a child down, it feels as if I’ve lost an arm! She returned home Wednesday night nicely tired after spending time at Heatherton World of Adventure and taking trips to the Pub on the boat!


Em managed to pass her driving test and brought a driving license home for Jack!

driving license

The rest of us have been busy making a space ship (and the hoover has been very busy sucking up copious amounts of glitter!) for the next topic that Jack wants to learn about.


We’ve also made a start on some some planets to hang with it! I can’t wait to research all of the planets with Jack so that he can paint them!



After spending the night in A & E last night with Jack last night, we were all exhausted this morning! Jack stumbled down a step in the garden yesterday afternoon and couldn’t walk on his left leg. After being seen by some truly amazing staff, he was allowed home with a sprain. I was so proud of him, he did everything that was asked of him with very little fuss, although the build up to going was very traumatic! He’s had a treat of some Shopkins stickers today for being so great!

Jack making sure that Lulu was comfy before we left for the hospital!
Jack making sure that Lulu was comfy before we left for the hospital!

Today has just been a pottering kind of day. Lots of tinkering in the garden, I finished painting the fence and moved a few bits around. I’m looking forward to cwtching on the sofa and watching some Olympic coverage with the biggest two, but not until I’ve wrapped my niece’s birthday present ready for her party tomorrow!


Tomorrow the children and I will be doing our first YouTube video! Keep your eyes peeled for it! Make sure to subscribe to our channel @2worldmummy



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