We don’t fit…

This evening we attended a group. A group for children with additional needs and disabilities. I’ve toyed with going for months. Almost a year actually. I’ve wanted to go, but then, I haven’t wanted to. It’s been a funny thing to get my head around for some reason. So this evening we went, after I made  a promise to a lovely lady that we would. 

When we arrived I was pleased to be there; proud that I’d pushed myself out of my comfort zone and Jack out of our usual routine with no fuss. We were warmly welcomed by leaders that we know and trust. 

The children settled quickly, clearly sensing the love and acceptance in the building.  When I looked around I saw loving, amazing parents and fantastic children, but I realised that I was sad.

 I felt that we didn’t fit.

 I could give you a thousand reasons why I thought that. I still thought that when I started writing this post, but putting it down has made me realise something. We did fit. I’m a loving parent looking for support and my child is fantastic. We might not live with the same disability, we might not face the same struggles everyday, but we all face struggles every day. We might have different questions that professionals can’t answer but we understand the pain of not having those questions answered, or the pain of help being refused when we knew our child needed it. 

So instead of ending this post by saying that I’m still searching for our ‘fit’, I’m going to say that although we might not have found our perfect fit, I think we’ve found a perfect place to start working on the heartache that our journey into the unknown sometimes brings. 

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