Um, no…

Those were the words I heard at 9.30 one morning recently. I was on the phone to a school (our only catchment school) trying to find out of someone would consider meeting with us in order to discuss Jack potentially going there. ‘Let me speak with the SENCO’ came the reply. Ten minutes later I had a call back, it was very awkward until the telephone was put down on me. ‘I’ve spoken with SENCO and um, no. Thanks.’ Click. So that’s another mainstream school ticked off our list. For reference, our list now has zero mainstream schools on it. Bloody brilliant. The words I screamed at the dead line are unrepeatable (no children present!!) but really, for the love of God, why does it have to be so damn hard ALL THE TIME? You run a school, I have a child that I’d like to enrol. Not difficult is it? It certainly shouldn’t be with the anti discrimination policies they have (although previous experience has shown me that they matter not one jot). Jack is more than happy being educated at home, even the report from his Paediatrician says how happy he is (gold star for Mummy please!) but I would like to try and find a school that is a fit for him. I’m starting to think that there’s only one option left to us..

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