To my children…

Going through my drafts I came across this. Written 297 days ago. In 297 days I’ve had the honour of watching these four wonderful individuals grow and develop and love. I’ve watched Emma become an even more beautiful young lady (even if she does play dirty when we play football!) who’s love for others is unwavering. I’ve watched Charlie suddenly turn into a gorgeous young man with a passion for ice hockey that is in every fibre of his being. Jack has started to come into his own and is one of the most interesting individuals I’ve ever met and Ava is growing in confidence everyday, becoming an even funnier monkey. I am blessed to have these humans in my life and I am so excited to spend the summer with them and yet again watch them continue to grow and develop. I love you always. 


To my babies,

It’s the night before school starts for the year and I can’t sleep. As you know, it’s partly due to fear. How will Jack manage? Will school let him down? Am I doing the right thing? But I need you to know that it’s more than that. It’s all of you and the tangled mess of emotion spinning tirelessly inside me. So many emotions, but two are always at the forefront. Yes, one is fear. But the other is pride.

I am so proud of you. Spending the summer with you, watching you, listening to you, just being with you has given me so much. How you all meet life head on with enthusiasm is such an inspiration. Your attitudes are always positive, everything is always fun. The people that you have become over the last year are just beautiful. I do feel sad that I’m loosing you to school for another year until our time over the summer clicks round again, but I’m so excited to watch you grow again. You’ll find “love you” notes in your bags and a smiley face on your banana; but don’t be cross with me. One day you will walk a step ahead and I won’t be able to catch you, so while we still walk side by side, let me love you xxx 

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