To be needed….

Ava has been really poorly the last few days and yesterday our GP sent us to our local hospital. Ava was seen by about 8 people, including student doctors, nurses, consultants and registrars. Everyone was fantastic and she was so brave. Whilst I was upset that she was so poorly and desperately wanted her to be better, there were moments that brought me great comfort. All Ava wanted to do was cwtch on my lap and hold my hand. Her tiny fingers wrapped tightly around one of mine. She was poorly and I was needed. Most of the time Ava is an independent little thing but in that moment she needed me. The day passed with her on my lap holding on tightly, but we had a brief moment when she had a nap on a bed. Even then, with her fast asleep, her tiny body utterly exhausted with the temperature that was raging inside her,  I stayed close, sitting on the edge of her bed. She woke briefly and raised her sleepy little head, saw me still close by, smiled and went back to sleep. That moment, that sleepy smile, showed me that even though she’s growing up fast, she needs me. I know that there will come a day when, like her elder sister, her need for me will change slightly, but Ava is my youngest, my last baby and some days I still need to be needed.

Today Ava is at home and a little better… Magic painting solves everything!


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