Switch It Up…

78% of Brits consider themselves moderate drinkers, with the recommended level now being 14 units. 20% of Londerners say that drinking too much has resulted in them missing work due to a hangover whilst 37% of students say that their alcohol consumption has led to them missing uni the following day.

We all know that having a drink at the end of a long day can relax us and help us to forget the stresses of the day but do we realise when that one glass becomes two and perhaps eventually a bottle? It’s easy to slip into a pattern, a habit almost, of having a drink or two after work and I’m sure that most realise the negative impact this can have on our lives and health and 29% of Brits want to curb their drinking for health reasons.

ABV InBev are encouraging Brits to Switch It Up and substitute an alcoholic drink for a non alcoholic version. The range of non alcoholic drinks has improved dramatically in recent years and we are no longer limited to a glass of lemonade or a J2O! Becks produce non alcoholic versions of their beer and their beer with lemon and they taste just like the ‘real thing,’. Switching It Up can have huge health benefits and can have positive impacts on our lives. No more killer hangovers, no missing work or uni. Maybe even fewer drunken arguments?!

Moderating your drinking is especially important around Christmas time when we can go ever so slightly over board. Office parties? Nights out with friends and family? A glass of champagne Christmas morning anyone? It all adds up and it’s a fact that binge drinking, even if you rarely drink usually, has negative impacts on our health. This Christmas, and beyond, I will continue to moderate my drinking and will Switch It Up on those rare occasions when I am drinking.

Switching It Up before an ice hockey road trip the next day!

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