We are finally on the home straight, just a few more weeks until Summer break and it got me thinking about Jack’s progress over the past 12 months. The year has gone quickly, with many things unchanged. Jack still can’t read. He doesn’t know his alphabet, he can’t recognise most letters. His number recognition is still only up to 10 and his speech is just the same. He still can’t even talk about pants and his walking is just as difficult. I have a little snoring mouse who sleeps with me still, tightly entwined. My second skin. My baby. My boy who can love beyond limits, who sees his challenges and pushes on. Who laughs uncontrollably with his siblings; who has the strength to fight with them when he’s mad. My boy who clings to me like a limpet yet is his own man. My boy who fills my heart more than anyone ever has and pushes me on harder than anyone ever has. My baby. My second skin.  Jack is 6, yet he is 2. We don’t measure progress in years, we measure it in love.

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