New term…

Well, that’s it, the summer is well and truly over!

Charlie has gone back to school for his final year in Primary and Ava has just started her journey in reception. Time has flown by so quickly and having Charlie and Ava at opposite ends of their Primary school road really brings it home. Going back to school hasn’t been an issue for Charlie this year even though he doesn’t like the teacher he has. He’s had this particular teacher before and does not have fond memories, but as I’ve told Charlie, this teacher has married and had a child in the years between and hopefully these life events will have softened him slightly! So far so good!

Ava starting reception has been taken to well by the both of us. She’s tired already (with another 5 weeks of term to go!) but I’m sure that will pass once she gets used to it and isn’t burning nervous energy. I think I forgot just how many things little ones have to worry about, the different class routine, the noise in the dinner hall, getting changed for PE in front of their friends. All of these insignificant things are the ones that have caused her to wobble this last week. Hopefully next week they will be easier and will continue to get easier and easier and become almost non events. She’s pleased to be back with all of her friends and has filled the fridge door with pictures already. I’d love to know your secrets for keeping all their art work, there seems to be only so much room and with the four of them it’s getting overwhelming! Ava’s started drawing love hearts all over the tops of the pictures she does for me and they are so cute! I can’t bear to part with any of her first slightly wobbly love hearts! So precious!

Poor Em is waiting for a school place to open up, we should hear either this week or next so keep your fingers crossed for her! At the moment she’s busy brushing up on what was studied last year and is reading around subjects that are coming up along with online work and work sheets from Twinkl. Which brings us nicely to Mr Jack who would be going into Year 2 if he was in school. Year 2! It’s all a bit funny at the moment with Ava starting school and him so behind. Ava will occasionally say to me that she’s the big sister now and although I know why she says it and what she means, it’s still a bit funny to hear it said aloud. This term Jack will be working on his phonic and number recognition  as we still haven’t got those, but he will also continue with our discussions about global politics and the world around us. Russia has really captured his interest and he’s becoming really quite knowledgeable about their way of life and dealings with the world. Dinosaurs, how they became extinct and the likely hood of that event happening again is probably going to be looked at in great detail too. It’s a conversation he started late one night that we have to look in to –  really to find evidence to support his opinion and prove me wrong, so I’m looking forward to trying to get him to the Museum if i can (ironically he won’t go to the museum anymore because he’s scared of the dinosaurs so we’ll see how that goes!)

Wish me luck keeping up with them all!


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