My Little Sous Chef…

Ah! There’s nothing I enjoy more than baking with the children. Yes it gets messy. Yes there can be arguments about who just did the pouring but it’s fun. And you get to eat the end result. What could be better? Well, some great people have designed the first tandem cookbook, with separate parts for parents and children. No more arguing over who gets to see the recipe! The parent book is set out in the way any other cookbook is with measurements and instructions and the children’s part has cute little pictures telling them what to add/do next. It’s such a great idea! After leafing through we settled on chocolate brownies (who could resist) and got to work. Both Jack and Ava loved having their own ‘book’ to work from and delighted in telling me exactly what needed doing and when, whilst I could use my book to double check they were on the right track. We divided the jobs into two and they worked beautifully together.

Jack and Ava just couldn’t resist tasting the brownie mix before it went in the oven!

When our brownies had finished cooking no one could wait for them to cool so we all dug in and we weren’t disappointed. It was one of the best brownies that we’ve had! Both Emma and Charlie loved it and it served as a special after school treat for them both. Next on our list of things to make are the Apple Roses which look stunning. I just hope that we can do it justice!


We were lucky enough to be sent a copy of My Little Sous Chef in exchange for our thoughts.

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