Love the inside too..

As some of you know, several weeks ago my mindset towards my body and health shifted and I’ve started loving and honouring my body in a way that I never have. Health and fitness is firmly on my agenda, a constant that I’ve worked into my days and is as non negotiable as changing nappies. Feeling the strength and seeing the changes in my mood has been a beautiful experience but I’ve been curious about whats going on on the inside. The lovely people from Forthwithlife got in touch and offered me the chance to review one of their health monitoring kits and I jumped at the chance. I find there are so many times when I don’t feel right and wish I could have the doctor do a full blood screening, just to check for little things that can make me feel blah, so this sounded perfect! After signing up at their on line dashboard I was sent a kit in the post (which fits through the letter box – result!) and I must say the children were excited to hear about what it was for. Once I’d explained that I’d need to prick my finger and put some of my blood in a pot they scarpered pretty quickly! Em especially, she hates blood!

The kit included a detailed instruction booklet, a viral, some printed labels, some plasters, wipes and a few lancets. My kit arrived close to the weekend so I followed the instructions and waited until a Monday to do my blood so that it could be posted and analysed immediately. No sitting around in a lab for my blood! When Monday came I cleaned my finger with the wipes provided and started the process. The only thing I will say is do it on your non dominant hand as the prick seemed bigger than the ones you have with a blood glucose test and it was quite sore the rest of the day. One I’d filled my pot to the required level, I attached the provided, pre printed labels, filled in the lab form with the date and time my blood was taken and put it in the special, pre addressed and postage paid bag and sent it on it’s way.

After a few days I had an email to say that my results were ready in my on line dashboard. I was quite excited to hop over and see how my body was doing and was pleasantly surprised! All of my results were normal (including my thyroid which I’m medicated for – yay!) apart from my cholesterol, which was high and my bilirubin, which is often up and down. Everything is broken down into sections with helpful advice regarding what to do if you have any ‘abnormal’ results, which gives great peace of mind. Happy with my results, I carried on with my day knowing that a few simple changes (that I’ve already started making) to my diet and fitness might make a difference to my cholesterol. Overall the whole process was quick and easy. This is a subscription service, which you can cancel once you’ve ordered your first test, which I did, but I’m actually going to use this service again to see what difference my new regime is having on my cholesterol levels and to keep an overall eye on my health.

Thanks to Forthwithlife for sending me a test for review. If you want to find out more hop over to Forthwithlife

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