It’s the unexpected bumps that can hit you hardest. Those bumps that shouldn’t be there, the ones that kind of catch you off guard and knock you. The ones that no one else notices because they aren’t big enough to have an impact in their lives. I’ve hit a few recently. I hit a bump during Jack’s sleep study when his oxygen saturation was at a steady 89 for most of the night. I hit one when Jack had a meltdown in the middle of Asda because one branch didn’t have the same stock as another. I hit one when his younger sister started nursery, knowing that the school in question wouldn’t even consider having Jack as a pupil when I asked. Its these sly little bumps that can come from nowhere and really knock you. So when a parent of a child with a disability wants to talk through a seemingly small bump in the road; listen. Because sometimes these little bumps can knock us for six.

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  1. This is beautiful. I’m so glad you share your heart!!!

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Much love xx

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