It’s World Prematurity Day!

Today is World Prematurity Day. It’s a day to remember and reflect. To be thankful and to grieve. I’m one of the lucky ones. Three of my four children were premature. Charlie at 30 weeks, Jack at 32 weeks and little Ava at 28 weeks. Weeks and months spent sitting next to an incubator, night after night googling, praying, crying. It’s a very lonely place having a premie. And a very scary one. Charlie and Ava were unscathed by their ordeals but Jack was left with Cerebral Palsy and each day brings new challenges for him. We are the lucky ones. Many parents don’t have the chance to take their baby home and my heart breaks for them. That’s why research and funding of SCBUs is so vital. Every baby deserves the chance to live, regardless of when they are born and every parent should leave with their baby in their arms.

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