Birthday Party!

Sunday 7th August my niece turned 3! She’s been a big part of my life for the last two and a half years since her parents moved here from Scotland. Watching her grow up and develop her personality has been such an honour.

To celebrate her birthday her Mum organised a lovely party in a local hall with Elsa and Anna as guests! We spent a few days making the cake (I just keep her company really!) and it was so lovely to see her face when it was brought out! The children played pass the parcel, musical bumps and statues, all great traditional games. Charlie disappeared half way through the party to play in the park across the road (and managed to bag himself a new girlfriend in the process!!), Em wandered about giving various people good natured jip, and Jack and Ava stayed in the kitchen wth me. I’m very proud of Jack for making it to the party and he managed to sit at the party table flanked by his siblings and eat with the other children. It was great to have my parents there too, I love seeing them and wish they lived a bit closer so that they could be involved in day to day things.

It was a great party and Pheebs had so much fun! We love you Pheebs!



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