A day at Dyffryn Gardens…

A few weeks ago we jumped on a beautifully sunny day, packed a picnic and went off to explore the gorgeous Dyffryn Gardens. For those of you unfamiliar with it, its a beautiful collection of botanical gardens, sitting quietly between the village of Dyffryn and St. Nicholas in the Vale of Glamorgan.



Covering over 55 acres, the grounds are extensive, making them the perfect place for little people to run freely and are so beautiful adults will be left in awe.

We stopped for our picnic and the children loved playing in this arch way. It made a lovely little hide away!



Exploring the gardens, running and rolling down hills kept them entertained for hours and the free to use hole hoops, croquet and ring toss games were very welcome!




The house was magnificent (although still in the process of being restored internally) and made a perfect viewing point for the gardens. The library in the house is set up for public use and there are second hand books that can beĀ taken away with you (for a very small charge) – something that I will be taking advantage of when I go back alone! The children really enjoyed the colouring that was available for them and were amazed at the size of the snooker table!


After grabbing some chocolates from the shop, the children took full advantage of the play ground and Jack did some fantastic balancing!

All in all it was a fantastic day with plenty for us to do as a family and we will be returning in the very near future (the perks of being a National Trust member!)

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