So I haven’t blogged for a while. Life got pretty busy last year and before I knew where I was, it was coming up Christmas time! We had a wonderful Christmas and saw in the New Year together setting intentions and goals, making plans for adventures and travel.

One full month into the New Year and life is zooming by already. We are back into the swing of home ed, groups and classes have started back up, new classes have been added, some old ones dropped, and the calendar has filled up with exciting trips over the next few months. Charlie decided that school wasn’t really for him right now so he’s at home again and is flourishing, following his passions and flying high. Em has a volunteer role, a paid job and is starting college next month, Ava has added more classes to her repertoire and is so happy and confident and Bear is making such wonderful progress!

This year we are going to get our YouTube channel up and running properly as we have lots to share with you all!

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