To the lady in Subway..

I didn’t feel it at the time, but thank you for teaching me. Thank you for making me realise that not everyone in the world is kind. I came in with my little boy. He wanted bread. Yep, just bread. You know, the thing you sell? The thing that you warm in your ovens?  He hadn’t eaten for days due to his condition. I was overjoyed when he asked for something to eat. Finally he would eat. We came in expecting no issue. You see, you sell bread. It shouldn’t be difficult.

Except you didn’t feel like making it easy for him did you? You had to make a fuss. Cause a scene. Lean over the counter and shout in his face “Why? Why do you want just bread?” I was so shocked I couldn’t speak ( a rarity for me I know!). He’s eaten out in plenty of places and not once had we ever had an issue. Maybe it was your age. Maybe it was ignorance. Maybe you were so pissed off that day that you just didn’t care. I cared. He cared. We both left in tears. And he didn’t eat it. Thanks for that. He felt like he had done something wrong. And he should never be made to feel like that, not over something that he can’t help.

Maybe one day you’ll see the damage that careless words can cause.

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