How being labelled his carer helped me turn a corner..

I can remember vividly when someone first described me as Jacks carer. I was horrified. I’m his Mummy, I thought, not his carer. Back then my feelings were that carers were not family members, mothers, fathers, siblings.They were strangers. They were someone not connected to the individual needing care. For some reason it was something that I just couldn’t get my head around.

I was put in touch with the Carer’s department at the local council, who one day sent me a letter asking me if I’d like some free holistic treatments (to improve the quality of the carers life). I’d always loved things like that (before children) and jumped at the chance. At that point, after one too many fights with school, I was done. Completely burnt out. I went along, just relishing the chance to take an hour for myself. Little did I know where this would take me.

I arranged an appointment and went along expecting the usual in and out, with no consideration for your life style, that many places offer. What I got was completely different. My therapist asked me lots of questions about myself and my life and, as a well seasoned talker, I answered them all in great detail! Each appointment we would go over the previous difficulties and take stock of where I was and how best I should move forward. My reflexology was incredible but the best bit was the taking! The connecting. Over the following months I developed a connection with my therapist. She understood me, where I was coming form and what I wanted to achieve for Jack. She helped me realise the it was ok to be described as his carer. I was still his Mummy.

Appointments with my therapist gave me a chance to off load and relax but the greatest gift was that she gave me back my self belief. She helped me to regain my flight. The I first met her, I was tired. Tired of life, tired of fighting for everything. She gave me a little sanctuary wirer I could cry and talk and she would be my cheerleader. I was reminded  of who I was and what I could achieve.

My free sessions came to and end, but I still continue to see her. It’s just too good to give up (and my feet finally have some reflexes again! Thank you!) Writing this has brought back to me what an incredible person she is and how very lucky I am to have her in my life.


If anyone wants details of where to find her and what she offers, drop me an email and I’ll send you over the details.

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