New term, new chapter..


Today marks the start of a new chapter for Emma. Somehow, the 8lb 8oz ball of angriness is now 11 years old and off to secondary school. I’m not entirely sure when that happened, nor or am I sure if my body has totally recovered from carrying the monster! Or maybe it wasn’t the carrying that nearly broke me?! As always, I’m emotional when September clicks around and the kids go back to school. I love having them at home and miss our days spent together when they go back. This new school year signals a huge change in Emma’s life, and mine to a point. It’s the realisation that during this chapter she will have her first real exams, her first proper boyfriend, first kiss, finally culminating in her moving out (and going to uni maybe. If that’s the path that she wants to take) Over the last year Em has grown up so much. She’s always been a headstrong, independent, sensible girl; years ahead of herself in terms of her maturity but this last year it’s changed. I now have a stroppy, teary, angry girl somedays and others I have a little girl who needs her Mum. It brings a smile to my face when I think about it. I’m so proud of her and adore spending time with her but I’m also sad that my baby is growing and gradually leaving me. I’m not going to witter on too much, there’s millions of posts like this, but I am so proud of Em and so honoured to be her Mum. I know that she will flourish during this chapter, I just hope that I can keep up!


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