Go Ahead…

Some lovely people sent us some Go Ahead products to try recently and I was really surprised. When I think of Go Ahead I think of healthy snack food but limited range. Well I was wrong (probably because I’m bad and don’t look for healthy snacks!) The range is extensive! Let’s get started !

First up is the one we all think of when thinking about Go Ahead, its the Fruity Bakes! I really like these, the strawberry one is my favourite and there’s a little apple number too. Coming in at £1.99 for 6 bars it’s good value for money and they only have 129 kcal (which is only 6% of our daily allowance!) These were my favourite Go Ahead product until I sampled the others!

Their Crispy Slices come in 7 flavours (apple, forest fruit, raspberry, orange, red cherry, blueberry and strawberry) and are delicious light crispy biscuits with a lovely fruit flavoured filling. I really like the apple one although I’m keen to hunt down the red cheery one, that sounds yummy! Retailing at £1.65 for 5 packs of 3 slices they are great and at 57 kcal per slice who could resist?!

Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks come in 5 different flavours (forest fruit, strawberry, raspberry, red cherry and tropical) and are Charlie’s favourites. Yummy. light, crispy biscuits with fruit flavoured fillings they are so good. Each pack contains 2 slices and retails at £1.99 for 5 packs of 2 slices and are 73 kcal per slice.

My favourite product, which I didn’t know they did is the Cookie Bites. These are little individual bags of mini cookies with chocolate chips and bursts of fruity flavour that are so good. My favourite is the Cheeky Chocolate Orange Cookie Bites, but they also come in White Chocolate and Raspberry. £1.99 for 6 packs and just 99kcal per pack is brilliant. No taste is lost with these little things! These have been my life saver recently on hockey road trips when we’ve spent hours in the car and rink side! I’ve totally been converted! I love them!


Go Ahead saves the day during an Ice Hockey road trip!


Go Ahead products can be found in all major supermarkets but we were sent these products in return for our thoughts. 

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