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A few weeks ago we were invited to Escape Reality in Cardiff and we were so excited! Escape Reality is a game, where you are locked in a room and have to solve the clues in order to escape. Escape Reality in Cardiff have 6 different rooms, ranging in difficulty level, Jungle, Enigmista, The Heist, Misery, Fibonacci and Alcatraz. We were lucky enough to play Jungara, the most family friendly of all the rooms.

The building is centrally located in Cardiff on John Street, although the door is set back and a little tricky to find (but I think that adds to the excitement!). Once inside there are some stairs to climb which brought us out at the entrance to the bar area/reception desk. Once we were checked in we were taken upstairs and popped our bits and pieces into a (free use) locker. Our team member explained how we could get out of the room if there was an emergency and how to get their attention if we had a problem. Once inside the room our team member gave us a little hint reagrding the first clue and we were away. The first task was easy (or at least Em made it look easy!) and after that they got a bit harder. The room was sparse and finding the clues was tricky, but we found them and made our way into another locked room! This is where the real fun began, it was darker (the lights fade as time goes by) and Em had a (rather large) rubber spider fall on her head! Two of our team members started doing interperative dance to the music that was playing, which wasn’t as helpful as I think they’d hoped! We managed to get out of that room by the skin of our teeth and found ourselves in another locked room. The clues in here were really hard and some of them seemed a little obscure. Sadly our time ran out and we failed to make it out of Jungara but we had a wonderful experience! When it came to let us out, I was laying on the floor still trying to figure something out! We had our photo taken (I’m obviously the unicorn) and went on with our day laughing at how hopeless we were!

We had a fab time at Escape Reality Cardiff

We had a fab time and would defiantly go back, it’s not nice to fail! Em wants to try Misery next. Bring it on!

We were fortunate enough to be gifted our tickets by the very kind people at Escape Reality. Tickets cost £22 each (2 players) and become cheaper the more players you have, ending in £16 each when you have 6 players and can be booked online at Escape Reality

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