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  • Reflection…

    Following on from talking about Jack’s progress this past year, I was drawn to think about my own. Jack’s journey has sent me on one of my own, one I never thought I’d take. I didn’t give people living with disabilities and their families much thought bar the few thoughts about ramp access to buildings. […]

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  • Tonsillectomy…

    Well, it’s been a long 10 days (and counting!) since Jack’s tonsillectomy. I think I have cabin fever, even though we ventured out for a few hours last Thursday (which turned out to be a mistake in the end!) Jack was on the waiting list for his tonsillectomy for just over a year, even though […]

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  • Listen…

    It’s the unexpected bumps that can hit you hardest. Those bumps that shouldn’t be there, the ones that kind of catch you off guard and knock you. The ones that no one else notices because they aren’t big enough to have an impact in their lives. I’ve hit a few recently. I hit a bump during […]

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  • To be needed….

    Ava has been really poorly the last few days and yesterday our GP sent us to our local hospital. Ava was seen by about 8 people, including student doctors, nurses, consultants and registrars. Everyone was fantastic and she was so brave. Whilst I was upset that she was so poorly and desperately wanted her to be better, there […]

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  • Go Ahead…

    Some lovely people sent us some Go Ahead products to try recently and I was really surprised. When I think of Go Ahead I think of healthy snack food but limited range. Well I was wrong (probably because I’m bad and don’t look for healthy snacks!) The range is extensive! Let’s get started ! First […]