If you haven’t already heard, we are moving. The chaos, the stress, yep I’m doing it again. I must be crazy. Not just because of the headaches it causes but because I love the house we are leaving. Yes, it’s too small for us now, but I will miss it. This house has given us so much. I fell in love wth it the first time I saw it and knew that I had to have it. The feeling this house is magical, it’s homely, comforting and safe. It was the house where we started to rebuild our lives. Where we learned to laugh again, to love again, to take pleasure in the little things. It’s where I started to find myself again. I’ve sat in this house alone many, many times. I’ve talked to it and the walls have somehow answered me, telling me what I need to know, what I need to do. And I’m so sad to say goodbye to it. It’s been where every little being of mine has been completely dependant on me, where the decisions (and consequences) were all on my shoulders. It’s where I’ve grown, it’s where we’ve grown and bonded on an incredible level. I’m so proud of the life that the children and I have created so far. This house has seen my tears when Jack was diagnosed, it’s heard my wails of dispair when I didn’t know which way was best to go for him. It’s held me and cocooned me. It’s given us a foundation, roots, a fresh start. It’s partied with us when we had things to celebrate; and the things to celebrate are becoming more and more. And I am eternally grateful for that. It’s given us wonderful neighbours, who have turned into great friends. Many of them have listened during the tricky times with Jack and laughed with us in the good times. I will miss seeing them everyday. A long time ago I was told that roots were important; I didn’t believe it at the time but I now understand the strength that roots give you.


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